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Fantasy Fight! Age of Yeti Collect things, take the sharpest sword and go to save their brothers and friends from captivity. Orcs, goblins, evil mages, mercenaries and barbarians from the wild tribes attacked your country and seized all who could fight against them. You are overlooked due to the fact you are still very young and to the rank of war must train for ten years. 
In Fantasy Fight! the main character is very weak and vulnerable. Sword for the sake of his beauty, he rarely manages to hit the enemy. Therefore it is necessary to jump, dodging them. But soldiers freed you of your people easily straightened with anyone who would encroach on your life. It is important not to miss an attack from the rear, vile enemies and strive to strike the sly. 
Spend earned money to improve the skills of your character and his equipment different types of armor and weapons. After all, without you the movement for liberation from the oppression of the occupiers will cease to exist. 
The game has beautiful graphics, well-drawn numerous units, day and night, as well as a variety of backgrounds.

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