Bus Rush v1.0.2 APK


Bus Rush - runner, which is similar simultaneously on all appear before the games of this genre. In the story of our protagonist grimacing before orangutan in a cage, a chur greatly angered him and as a result, now the boy runs away with all his pursuers. We will move on urban roads (and not only), with a dense stream consisting of buses and trucks. Numerous obstacles, traveling to a meeting vehicles were arrayed on the heels hairy carcass require players quick response and consistent action. 
The good help in your journey will be different bonuses found while jogging. Magnets to collect coins, sneakers, skateboards, rocket packs, and many other items will significantly simplify your life. Podnakopiv capital, it will be possible to change the appearance and clothing of the character, as well as to replace it with another character. 
On the Bus Rush can be fun and not intricately spend your free time. Beautiful graphics and gameplay mechanics do not bother to help you with this.
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