Angry Birds Stella v1.1.5 MOD Apk (Unlimited Money)


Angry Birds Stella - Continued fascinating series of games on the android from the company Rovio - Angry Birds. At this time, the developer decided to please us with new characters and new gameplay features. Stella and her friends have excess capacity, which has never been of the characters in this series of games. The main character is able to start from the blocks, Luke plays loud sound wave, Poppy creates a tornado, Willow is able to rotate the vortex, well Dahlia teleport to any place on the level. The whole struggle will be against the former girlfriend of the protagonist of the game - Gail. Due to its crown and not a little trick she learned to manage pigs to find all sought the golden egg. Will the team Stella confront new enemies, and whether it will return back to his girlfriend, is that you know when download this game.
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